Roads, Driveways, and Parking Lots

Decades of experience building roads, parking lots and other paved surfaces for Tyler, Lindale, and surrounding area.

Guaranteed Paving Services Satisfaction

We don't begin a task unless we are certain we can deliver excellence, and we don't consider a project completed until we are sure it will hold up over time. Although there shouldn't be any problems after paving, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our work for your peace of mind.

Locally Owned & Operated

Why choose a paving contractor who doesn’t care about your community as much as you do? Our home is in East Texas and always will be. Since we plan to continue operating for many years after each project is complete, we are dedicated to quality.

Road Construction

We lay asphalt or concrete to create a smooth and durable surface for vehicles to travel on.

Driveway Installation

Call us for everything from private roads to simple property entrances from concrete, asphalt or gravel.

Driveway and Roadway Construction


When neighbors drive by or guests pull up, the entrance to your property makes a
lasting impression. You only get one chance to install it correctly because it will be there forever. For as long as you own your home, you want it to continue to appear just how you imagined it would.

Residents of East Texas contact us for driveway, rural road construction and residential paving because they are confident in the quality of the work they will receive.

Customers receive unmatched customer service from Clear Grade Excavation, which is just one reason we receive repeat referrals for driveway paving. We are concerned about the end result, and we also recognize that you are our long-term neighbors. On every task, no matter how big or small, we treat people the way we want to be treated.

When you’re already faced with a dizzying number of options during new home
construction, residential paving can seem like an intimidating process. We can reduce your stress by guiding you through your alternatives, then delivering skilled work at a reasonable cost.

Parking Lots

We'll construct or expand a designated asphalt or concrete area for vehicles to park in an organized, efficient manner.

Other Commercial Paving

We offerroad resurfacing, sidewalk installation, loading dock construction, access road construction & more

Parking Lots &


When should you call us for parking lot construction or other commercial paving near Tyler? Perhaps you’re designing a parking lot for a new supermarket, a sizable retail space, an intimate dining facility or a medical practice and you need a solution that offers reasonably priced, long-lasting parking. If you’ve been in business for a while, it’s also possible that your current lot was never all that terrific and has only gotten worse. Your bottom line will be impacted by the surface you chose in either case. The condition of your lot matters.

Think about it: When was the last time you visited a place of business with a parking lot
made of dirt or riddled with potholes and deep ruts? You may have been concerned that
you would ruin your car or your shoes, but you certainly weren’t impressed.

We offer commercial paving and parking lot paving services for both new and existing
buildings. We’ll improve the curb appeal of your new or current property to attract
passersby and customers considering your goods and services. Even the trickiest
commercial parking lot paving in Tyler TX and elsewhere is no match for our skilled