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Small enough to listen and big enough to deliver.  Here at Clear Grade Excavation, we understand the importance of keeping up with technology to be more efficient and save time on projects.  Grade stakes or blue topping set in place and double checked for precision. 

Land Clearing

We offer land clearing for Commercial and residential projects. We operate newer late model equipment for fast and efficient results. Here at Clear Grade Excavation, we understand the importance of using the right machines to save time and money.

Site Work

The dirt work contractor near Tyler TX you can trust for commercial site prep, from overexcavation of unsuitable soil, to select fill transported in and compacted in lifts. We work well with projects managers and Engineers to get the results you need. Currently working with ETTL and Terracon on some of our latest projects and have a great relationship with their field team.


When you need a structure or feature safely, and efficiently removed, we’re your reliable demolition contractors. 

Pond Excavation

From pond clean outs to coring dams and keyways. Clear Grade Excavation knows how to get the job done right. We understand soil types and know the importance of using the right material for coring a dam or lining a pond. With access to long reach excavators, articulating dumps trucks, and scrapers in our equipment line up. Our team can move a lot of soil quickly saving time and money.

Roads & Parking Lots

From residential driveways to state, county, and subdivision roads. We have a crew that understands that the life of your road depends on how well you keep storm water off the surface of your road.

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Choosing the Best Tyler TX Earthworks Contractor

Clear Grade Excavation LLC is an excavating contractor that is expanding in the construction industry. We utilize GPS equipment by Topcon for precision. We have a team that builds our models with accurate results. We provide excellent services in commercial and residential development, mass grading, land clearing, commercial building pads, demolition, driveways, drainage and more. The owner has more than 20 years of experience in the field and a team to provide customers with the best quality service possible. We strive for perfection and work as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality or safety.

New construction near Tyler TX

Residential & Commercial Site Prep

Before you start your build, we’ll make sure your project is ready to stand the test of time. We offer site prep and dirt work for everything from homesites to commercial shopping centers. We can handle everything from the clearing and grubbing process to the final grade.


Demolition Experts

There’s a lot more to demolition than dismantling, pulverizing and hauling out debris to landfill sites. We know what it takes to acquire permits, and bonds needed by the city. Here at Clear Grade we understand the importance of safety and the proper steps for finding and dealing with hazardous material like asbestos. We also carry General Liability, and Umbrella insurance coverage.

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Construction innovation

Your TX Drainage Specialists

Nothing wrecks a landscape or a foundation like water that erodes and flows into all the wrong places. We can address runoff from other properties, incorrect grading, excess water in yards, pastures and roadways and more.

transforming landscapes

Experienced Lake Building & Pond Digging Contractor

We offer pond excavation services and lake design services near Tyler TX and our portfolio is proof we deliver stunning results for projects of every size. We start by meeting with you, reviewing the desired lake site or pond site, and using both our years of experience and design technology to plan the water feature that checks every one of your boxes.

  • Livestock ponds
  • Fishing ponds
  • Aquatic design for lakes
  • Recreational lakes
  • Pond cleaning

paving for

Commercial, Residential & Everything in Between

How do you choose the best paving company near Tyler TX? Clear Grade Excavation has the right equipment and crew to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting job for your roadway, driveway, parking lot or other project. We’ll deliver a properly constructed base for long-term durability. Then we use quality materials at the right preparation and thickness, applied with scrupulous attention to detail. Ask for our recent work and references to get in touch with happy customers who can tell you what our paving company did for them.

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client satisfaction

Clear Grade Excavation came out and cleared out about an acre and installed a dirt pad for us. I cannot say enough good things about this company!
E. Mayfield
Happy Customer
This is an amazing company. Family friendly and they have your best interest at heart. Their work is unmatchable and I would recommend them for any job you have.
S. Deeton
Online Review
The guys at Clear Grade did a great job on our arena and their customer service was spectacular! We will do business with them in the future and recommend them to anyone needing work done!
R. Esquell
Satisfied Customer

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